Pilot help

> Apply to pilot Socratic Brain in your class.

After your application has been accepted, you will receive an email username and password to a pilot class. The class will be a copy of what Stephen Collins used in 2015/16 with his 9th grade students. You can add or delete students, units, learning targets, or questions to your copy of the class without impacting any other teachers or students. There is nothing you can delete, modify or create that will impact their version. Go to www.socraticbrain.com enter the username and password you received in an email from Socratic Brain and log in.

Modules below that have a link will help familiarize you with Socratic Brain features. If there is not a link we are still developing the help screens. 

We want your feedback, particularly suggestions for improvements! Send feedback to info@socraticbrain.org.

> You can always return to the pilot home screen by selecting the Socratic Brain logo in the upper left corner of the pilot screen.

> Getting Started with Socratic Brain
   02 - Sign in as a teacher, view progress, provide feedback, set pace.
   03 - Level up (take a quiz)
> Using the teacher's dashboards 
    02 - By class - proctored exam
    03 - By class - face-to-face assessment
    04 - By class - face-to-face homework

> Modifying, creating or deleting curriculum

> Modifying, creating or deleting tasks/assignments
    01  - Creating, deleting & modifying tasks/assignments   
    02  - Adding questions or subgroups of questions to tasks/assignments

> Modifying and creating questions
    02 - Searching 5000+ question library 
    03 - Modifying & adding questions 

> Setting course grading policies
    00 - class settings