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Curriculum - Creating a Unit or Learning Target

Creating a unit or learning target.

Creating a unit or learning target is integrated with the ability to undelete/restore units and learning targets. If units have been previously deleted, they will reappear in order of deletion each time you attempt to create a unit. 

If your class has units that were previously deleted, there are two choices for creating an entirely new unit. The easiest choice is to overwrite the learning targets and tasks when they appear after selecting "Create." The other option is to select "Create" repeatedly until all previous units have been restored, use "Create" one more time to create the new unit and then remove unwanted units with the "Remove from Group" button.

Note: the "Remove from Group" function simply hides the unit or learning target from view. To permanently delete a unit or learning target overwrite the unit, learning target and all associated tasks. It is a bit more work to delete but this protects accidental deletion of work that may have taken a lot of time to create.