Curriculum - Creating subgroups

Subgroups are available for organizing groups of questions under each Learning Target. To create or modify subgroups select the learning target in which you will use the subgroup. For example, to create a new subgroup for the Learning Target "Graphs of constant motion" start by selecting "Curriculum," highlight the Learning Target and select "Edit content."

Subgroups are also an excellent way to enable double randomization  When creating tasks/assignments, subgroups can be used in place of questions. A question is randomly selected from all the questions in the subgroup. Additionally, if configured, the question may have random numbers/graphs generated within the question. Each question in a task/assignments can come directly from a specific question or from a subgroup of questions.

You will then see a screen similar to the screen below. Next, type the name of the new subgroup in the top left box as shown below. In the box underneath, type in the question numbers and select "Update." For example, if you wanted to create a new subgroup that combines the subgroup shown with question q0336 and the subgroup with questions q02585 and q02586,  type the subgroup name , enter the question numbers and select "Update"