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Our Impact on Improving Education

Socratic Brain has the potential to transform math and science classrooms for the 16 million high school students in the United States.

Research has shown the positive impact, personalizing classroom math and science education has on student outcomes. There is software available to personalize education. However, the overwhelming task of integrating it with the rich collaborative classroom activities critical to higher level thinking is left to the teacher. Socratic Brain simplifies this task and empowers teachers to differentiate learning for all their students. 

For example, when Socratic Brain is used in high school physics classes the real-time data enables the teacher to arrange students into differentiated groups. Some may be ready for inquiry experimentation or socratic discussion while others can do peer tutoring or present their work to fellow students. While the teacher interacts with individuals and groups, they can easily integrate face-to-face assessments with online data and the grade-book.

Managing a collaborative classroom with students learning on different paths and at different paces is difficult with ten students, and near impossible with twenty, let alone the larger class sizes in many schools. Socratic Brain is a tool that solves this problem; enabling teachers to personalize education for each student.

At Lusher Charter School in New Orleans student improvements have been compelling across a very diverse group of students. Since the rollout of Socratic Brain in introductory Physics classes, AP Physics enrollment has increased 30%, and average student scores on the AP Physics test have risen from 1.4 to 4.0.

Socratic Brain will help good teachers become great teachers. Although Socratic Brain's current capacity is limited to a couple exceptional schools, that can be changed with your support. By enabling best practices and effective methods in classrooms with underserved students, with inexperienced teachers and with out-of subject teachers, Socratic Brain can have a dramatic impact. By connecting teachers, and providing them with a tool that allows them to focus on teaching, all 16 million high school students can have a better opportunity to understand and appreciate math and science.