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Why Support Socratic Brain?

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Dramatic improvement to STEM education is happening in Socratic Brain Powered classrooms. We are receiving many unsolicited request for access to Socratic Brain from teachers across the country. Your donation will help us revise the software to be accessible and supported for hundreds of teachers and tens of thousands of students.

The request are coming from teachers frustrated by the lack of products on the market that enable classroom transformation to both a personalized and collaborative learning environment. Unfortunately, the legacy of most products are from textbooks (Publishers) or “No Child Left Behind” remedial learning software. Neither has a foundation built on Socratic Brain’s mission to help teachers develop a personalized education experience for each student. 

1. Current products on the market have significant deficiencies: 
  • The transformation path to personalized competency based instruction is arduous;
  • real-time classroom management dashboards for managing students learning at a different pace are ineffective; 
  • assessment tools are closed to input of teacher content; 
  • and they do not reward and leverage teacher content across a network of educators; 
2. 14 year history of iterative development. Actual use in Physics classes since 2001. Producing revenue since 2008. Development model validated - Socratic Brain software has been used by thousands. 

3. Broad base of assessment content in Physics - over 4,000 algorithmically randomized questions.

4. Complementary experience sets of Collins and Dolan.